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Five Things You May Not Realize About Electrical Maintenance

The most common reasons for a commercial building team to call TDIndustries for electrical maintenance are: a power failure, a hot panel noticed during a breaker reset or nuisance tripping that continuously needs to be addressed.




It’s Important to Take Care of Your Underutilized Buildings – Here’s How

Hybrid work schedules and shifting higher education or warehouse demands can leave some buildings or specific floors underutilized or unoccupied. When buildings are left unmonitored, the risk for damage to the building and its HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems increases.




Facilities Maintenance Tips for Electrical Services

Imagine you’re walking down the office hallway. The lights suddenly flicker, then all the electricity shuts off. As you reach for your flashlight, your mind starts racing: What happened? The boss’ client is coming by in 30 minutes. How quickly can I fix this? I can’t mess this opportunity up for...