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Benefits of Outsourcing IFM

Turning to integrated facilities management (IFM) services is not something to fear. In fact, taking an integrated approach may be in your facility's best interest to tackle the backlog of pains. Cutting out the need for managing multiple vendor contracts allows facility managers to identify their specific needs and make smarter operating decisions.

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Utilizing an integrated model within your facility maintains cost flexibility, increases efficiency through self-performance, and improves core focus in several ways.

Cost Flexibility

While the “best of” multi-vendor approach may sound strategic, it often does not offer much in terms of cost savings. For example, downtime is a costly disruption for any facility. In working with a single point of contact, you can achieve more with less and, that potential downtime is mitigated. In turn, a quality IFM provider employs cost-based and value-based principles, resulting in a reduction of overhead costs. In addition, adopting a one-stop method offers assistance in evaluating cost-saving initiatives, something sparse when contracting multiple vendors.  

Self-Performance and Increased Efficiency

Fostering a single-contract relationship with an IFM team allows for better efficiency through self-performance. The ability to self-perform from a maintenance perspective is crucial to managing the integrity of your facility. By choosing an IFM provider that has the capacity to deliver on essential services and can facilitate a variety of needs results in increased purchasing power and flexibility. Working as an extension of your facility, a competent IFM team has the capability to fix issues as they arise and, has the backing of industry-leading, on-demand technicians to fulfill larger maintenance requests.

Using an IFM provider allows for program customization to fit your facility’s unique needs, driving a boost in productivity. Implementing these programs is a proactive and effective way to manage all aspects of your facility from quality assurance and safety, to benchmarking and cost control.

Improved Core Focus

When selecting an IFM team, choose one that is prompt, effective, and friendly, so that you can quickly return to your core business. The wellness of your facility is of upmost importance, and the ability to focus on streamlining processes and key performance indicators is imperative to maintaining that. Shifting that focus improves the quality of life in the workplace and has the added competitive advantage of strategic management. Managing relationships effectively, collaborating with third parties and thinking outside the box are a few ways that this advantage plays out in real time with an IFM team.

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