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Collaborative Planning Efforts Help With Arizona Food & Beverage Facility

From soft drinks to cold beer, aluminum cans are an essential part of most Americans’ daily life, and TD’s food & beverage project at a new manufacturing plant in Arizona is allowing TDPartners to use a recycled metal beverage container made from that facility.


Ball Corporation | Arizona Food & Beverage Facility | Entrance

TD’s Arizona team recently helped build a 495,000 sf aluminum can manufacturing facility from the ground up in Goodyear, Arizona. The team consisted of TD, Butler Design Group, Renaissance Companies, AME, and Energy Systems Design. For the project, TD installed 12 adiabatic air-handling units (AHUs), three chillers, three cooling towers, three basin filters, and 12 pumps – a total of 2,100 tons of equipment. That total includes 100,000 pounds of round aluminum ducting, 4,500 lf of chilled water piping and automatic logic HVAC controls. Prefabrication efforts played a large role in the project’s success.

Ball Corporation| aluminum can manufacturing product line facility interior

“We were able to prefab about 70 percent of the central plant, and all of the 4-coil air handling unit connections" Project Manager Jason Horn said. TD’s work was also lead by Production Manager John Gaskin and Superintendent Derek Green.

TD had planned to begin fast-track installation, which the owner wanted complete in four months. However, the site wasn’t ready to install the first hanger until a few months after this planning phase. That tightened an already delayed schedule considerably more. To help meet that goal, TD planned to prefabricate 70 percent of all the piping, and order prefabricated ductwork and pre-insulated piping from third parties.

Ball Corporation | aluminum can manufacturing product line facility interior

The late start meant Arizona needed to store its prefabbed material, but luckily the site was large enough to support lay-down. With material in hand, Horn and the team were able to start right away when the site went live. 

Ball Corporation Preview-37
Horn said the prefabbed items sped up the process and reduced work hours, allowing TD to stay on track to finish the revised schedule on time and on budget.Thank you to all teams who worked hard on this project to ensure completion of the state-of-the-art facility.

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Photos courtesy of Renaissance Companies


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