Grace Wilson did not expect a quick chat with a TDPartner at her college’s job fair to flourish into a calling. She began her career with TD as an intern and is currently an Assistant Project Manager.

Grace Wilson_preferred.jpgGrace Wilson, Assistant Project Manager

The Texas A&M University alumna is a rare breed. She was able to intern with TD twice -- one for the summer and another summer internship that spanned the fall semester.

It was the open, collaborative environment that kept Grace coming back to TD for an internship. Unlike internships experiences she heard from fellow students (like making copies or getting coffee), her experience felt unique. Grace was learning new aspects of the business and construction industry every day. She was on a jobsite, often working directly with Senior Project Managers and TD management.

Because she was treated like a full-time TDPartner during her internships, it was natural fit that Grace work at TD after graduation. “I never felt the need to go anywhere else,” she says.

"I never felt the need to go anywhere else."

When asked to share her internship insights, she offered this: 

Question: What some positive aspects of your TD internship?

Grace: “So many. Even though I was an intern, no TDPartner ever treated me like one in the traditional sense. I got to visit multiple jobsites, work on actual projects, have meetings with senior management, and even take part in our office’s social events. During my second internship, I was given expanded responsibilities on a data center project.”

Question: What are some negative aspects of your TD internship?

Grace: “Nothing negative. Even though I was learning and felt like I was asking a lot of questions, TDPartners would help me and encourage me.”

Question: What is a piece of advice you would give to a future intern?

Grace: “Be open to new things. In college, professors focus on only the career paths of Project Managers and Superintendents. In the real world, there are so many opportunities, so don’t be afraid to learn more about them. At TD, the culture is very much about putting together our strengths to minimize our weaknesses. Your individual talents matter here; keep learning and don’t be shy to ask questions.”