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Picture this: You’ve worked for weeks, getting your unoccupied premium office space on the third floor ready to lease. It overlooks the park, has easy access to the elevator, and has garage parking next to the highway. Several potential tenants have been shown the space and everything has been going great.

Finally, the perfect company wants to walk through the space again before making the final decision, and you’ve set an appointment at 1 p.m. You arrive early, turn the A/C down to get the space comfortable for your guest and begin cleaning and checking everything over – but you’re starting to sweat, and it’s not because you’ve been working.

The air conditioning is out.

You start to panic; you cannot lose this opportunity. The service technician has arrived to fix the issue, but how do you show the prospect you have everything under control? How about pulling out your smartphone and showing a video of the technician making repairs just a few minutes ago? Providing visual evidence that the issue has been addressed clearly demonstrates to your potential tenant your desire to be transparent and committed to resolving issues as they arise. They are delighted to know you take care of issues timely and are ready to sign that lease.

How does Visual Intelligence help service companies better serve clients?

Written documentation has its time and place, but Visual Intelligence provides several additional benefits for clients:

  • Transparency between the service provider and client – and the client’s customers, too
  • Visual documentation of issues and work performed
  • Videos are more engaging, removes the burden of reading, carry more information, and require less time to produce
  • Reduced time required to present KPI reports and work order summaries to other stakeholders and customers

Why is the use of video a game changer in facility maintenance?

Creating, accessing and processing information quickly in today’s fast-paced work day is essential to minimizing the work load and inspiring trust.

According to James Ritchie at IdeaRocket, “59 percent of senior executives said that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.” Ritchie also stated that “videos can take information and make it easy to interpret in a short amount of time.”

According to Todd Hartley at WireBuzz, reading feels like work but watching videos feel effortless. People process information in a video 60,000 faster than text and we remember 68 percent of a video and 11 percent of text.

Bottom Line: The use of visual content is here to stay and will play an important role in creating trusting relationships through transparency, minimize effort of service providers and clients, and deliver higher value. Service providers that use Visual Intelligence will see a significant gain in loyalty of clients and become the trusted advisor for those clients.

TDIndustries’ Visual Intelligence program was created to inspire trust, both from your customers and in your service company. It delivers useful visual content (videos, photos) that provide easy-to-access documentation of issues and their resolutions, all in a manner that’s simple to understand. It’s great for facility managers, building owners, and management professionals.

Recap maintenance work orders via video and photo. TD’s cloud-based Visual Intelligence platform is live. Learn more.