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As Operations Manager for the Process Solutions business unit, Logan Wallis knows a thing or two about logistics, operations, and supporting hundreds of team members. Prior to TDIndustries (TD), Logan honed his skills with the Army, beginning his career in the Army ROTC program at Texas Christian University (TCU). He entered active duty less than a week after earning an Entrepreneurial Management degree from the Neeley School of Business and a Commission as a Second Lieutenant Army Officer. Rising through the ranks, he was promoted quickly to Captain and served in many leadership roles including Battalion Logistics Officer and an Operations Officer. When speaking to Logan, he is straightforward and objective, almost downplaying his accolades. In reality, Logan is a highly accomplished, successful veteran, Army Reservist, and TDPartner.

As a Battalion Logistics Officer, he was responsible for eight companies – more than 1400 personnel – as well as managing thousands of pieces of equipment, the fleet, and the facilities. Balancing multimillion dollar budgets, managing subcontractors, upgrading facilities, and keeping his team safe have been recurrent themes in Logan’s service. As an officer deployed overseas in the Middle East, he was uniquely tasked with not only securing strategic locations, but moving equipment and supplies to support troops in other locales. In many ways, his Army role is quite similar to the Operations Manager role at TD.

TD was Logan’s first company after active duty. He was months away from his transition, but decided to attend a hiring fair at Ft. Hood. It was there he met Jason Morris, his current supervisor, who struck up a conversation about TD’s company culture. Jason knew the challenges that many face in their post-military lives because he had prior military service himself. When Logan met Jason and heard about “servant leadership,” his interest was piqued. As a graduate student, Logan became familiar with the management style, wrote a dissertation on it, and applied the concepts as an Army officer. The two stayed in communication, and a few months after leaving active duty, Logan became a full-time TDPartner.

He credits the company culture to making it easy for him to continue to serve as an Army Reservist. Nowadays, Logan works in familiar territory. Many of his fellow TDPartners in Process Solutions are veterans; his role is integral in building and maintaining challenging, high-tech facilities; logistics and management of people and resources permeate all aspects of his work.

A lifelong servant leader, Logan lives the creed of both the Army and TDIndustries. He is currently an Operations Officer in the Army Reserve. Both his team and his customers are extremely supportive during his annual two-week training. Logan said, “We plan it so there are no issues while I am away. I am always proud of team’s efforts; however especially so of their results at these times.  It’s a testament to the trust and relationships built amongst the team.” He is a mentor and example for military service members and TDPartners of a successful career.

TDIndustries thanks Logan for his continued service to our country.

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Logan during his Army Reserve Training Logan at TDIndustries


As a natural mentor, Logan wanted to insights for fellow veterans: 

Question: What aspects of your military training do you apply in your every day job?

Logan: “I approach each day with a sense of purpose, always ready to lead, and desire to keep improving myself and others. I seek opportunities to solve problems, take on challenges, and influence growth or change.  A point of reference is that the Core Leader Competencies of Army Leadership (Leads, Develops, Achieves) are directly applicable for me on a daily basis.”

Question: What advice can you give a fellow vet looking to enter the civilian workforce?

Logan: “You don’t just have to get a job; you can have a meaningful career.

Find a company that can give you all the good things from military service: camaraderie, leadership opportunities, career progression, training, and a family atmosphere that cares about you and your family. Add to that the freedom and mobility to execute your work and lead your team to complete your mission or task. These are important aspects when finding the right company for you, and it’s what you can expect at TDIndustries.”

Question: What about TDIndustries makes it a great company for veterans?

Logan: “My supervisor is also an Army veteran, which made my personal transition to civilian life easier than most. We have a commonality and can see eye-to-eye in situations. He can understand my thought process and gets why I communicate more directly. As an active person, I like taking on challenges or having a large workload. There’s no boredom.

Another great thing about TD is having more input in leadership decisions and policy. In the Army, it’s difficult for one person to affect widespread changes in processes. Here at TD, the culture allows anyone to find a better way to accomplish tasks and then enact those suggestions. TD likes problem solvers that propose new courses of action, prompt discussions, and effect change. It’s pretty cool – I’ve had a good experience here.”




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