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The luxuries of modern technology are visibly remarkable: We can binge watch our favorite guilty pleasures on-demand from a tiny phone screen, we can catch up with loved ones we miss over the holidays on FaceTime.

We can release stress in another universe while playing video games. We can Google in-depth answers to trivial questions that keep us up at night.

We can receive easy-to-digest overview of facility maintenance repairs and recommendations through TD Visual Intelligence. We can leverage Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) tools to generate cutting-edge dynamic building models that enable us to identify critical components including clash detection and prefabrication. 

Mechanical Construction

However, the splendor of technology's convenient majesty is often dulled by habitual normality. For many of us, it's become our new normal that we're not even aware of how much time we spend not living in the present.

  1. How many times a day do you check your social media? Those seconds of scrolling through feeds add up.
  2. How many minutes do you live vicariously through experts doing expert things on screen? Those fast recipe videos and DIY shows add up.

Despite time being one of our most valuable and precious assets, many of us miss out on priceless moments by burying our noses in devices.  Once time is gone, you can't get it back.

Mechanical Construction

Technology isn't bad, but like anything good – moderation is key. When technology interferes with your ability to have meaningful conversations, to spend quality time with your children, to be physically active, or causes you more anxiety than pleasure – then it might be time to reevaluate your using habits.

Mechanical Construction

Regardless of your industry, there are many ways to join TDIndustries in celebrating National Day of Unplugging. Here are the basic details:

  1. WHAT: National Day of Unplugging at TD. Unplug from technology or as many devices for 24 hours or as long as you can.
  2. WHEN: From 6 p.m. March 1 to 6 p.m. March 2.
  3. WHY: Disconnect from technology to unwind, unplug, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and connect with loved ones.

To help you celebrate National Day of Unplugging, we created a few lists of helpful options. Regardless of your industry or job title, there's many ways you can experience the benefits of unplugging from technology. 

Senior Superintendent Construction

Unplugging options if you can't fully unplug:

  1. Only answer phone calls
  2. Unplug for a shorter period of time like 4 hours or during dinner
  3. If you have to work, only take work phone calls and check work emails
  4. Unplug for 1 hour before bed and 1 hour right after you wake up
  5. Only check social media and email one time

Truck-Based Service/Maintenance

Need help unplugging? Here are some more options: 

  1. Plan how you're going to spend your time. Check out some ideas here.
  2. Change your voicemail message and activate your email out of office response to let friends and family know you're offline and participating in National Day of Unplugging.
  3. Turn off notifications on your smartphone phone for the day or enable do not disturb mode for a certain period of time to silence alerts for a text, email and/or phone calls. Check Settings to see what options your phone has.
  4. Enable gray-screen on your phone. This is typically done through the accessibility menu under Settings. 
  5. Have a plan in case someone needs to reach you. Most smartphones have a way to customize your settings, for example, to only allow call alerts from certain people.    

Truck-Based Service/Maintenance

At TDIndustries, we are driven to make an impact in all that we do. We look forward to building and maintaining meaningful relationships while celebrating National Day of Unplugging.