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Celebrating National Tradesmen Day at TDIndustries

TD is extremely proud of all the hardworking men and women who make up our trades. From apprenticeships to the highest level of trades, their contributions to TD and to our country do not go unnoticed. These Partners are the hands that build and maintain America, and ​their recognition is well-deserved.

National Tradesmen Day takes place September 20, 2019.

Founded by Irwin Tools in 2011, National Tradesmen Day honors the professionals whose skills and hard work keep America running strong though maintaining the complex infrastructure of our roads, cities, water systems, and power grids.

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These skilled-trades are crucially important to our society. Over the last two decades, the elimination of vocational and technical classes in high schools has contributed to fewer individuals entering the skilled-trades workforce. This, combined with technicians reaching retirement age, has led to current skilled worker openings and a future growing need for so many of these opportunistic positions.

In fact, several of our important trades were all recently named in this Wall Street Journal listing as among the most promising careers of the next decade. Included in the top 100 were Electricians (#66), and Pipefitters and Plumbers (#83). For the future of our industry and our country, it's important we continue educating young people and encouraging the possibility of a career in trades.

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The skills and knowledge of those in the trades keep our businesses, homes, schools, and entire nations running. Whether its the electricians, plumbers, welders, pipefitters, HVAC technicians, construction workers, commercial drivers, sheet metal handlers, masons, and everyone in between, TD and our customers appreciate and deeply respect all of their efforts.

As the heart of TDIndustries, we thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm, and high-quality of work you contribute on a daily basis. You are the true backbone of our company and our functioning society.

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