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Too Many Fire Drills? How to Prevent Constant Reactionary Maintenance

The upfront benefits of reactive maintenance are straightforward, as short-sighted and “planning for the now” as they might be. Planned maintenance takes time to well… plan, as ... MORE +

Facilities Management Disasters: The Burdens of Maintenance Neglect

When a facility’s equipment or system fails, the consequences can be catastrophic. From jeopardizing the safety and health of patrons to losing critical information – the ... MORE +

A Career Path For Women In Trades: How Deisy Gonzalez Is Paving The Way

For as long as Deisy Gonzalez can remember, she has enjoyed working with her hands. It’s a rewarding feeling to look at a famous structure and say, “I built that.” MORE +

Seconds Matter: The Benefits of Firefighter Air-Replenishment Systems

We all recognize the strenuous situations that firefighters face when suppressing fires. Thankfully, many cities around the nation are updating codes to require FARS, ... MORE +

Hidden Liability Risks: Not Knowing Them Could Land You In Court

Accidents happen, sometimes through the carelessness of facility occupants, but also through negligence by a facility owner or employer (they might be one in the same). When a ... MORE +

The Investment You'll Never Regret: Neglecting It Could Cost A Fortune

No matter what industry you're in, learning and applying the best practices for this investment could save you time and money.    MORE +

HVAC Risks to Keep in Mind as Summer Heat Begins

According to a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, students don't learn as well when classrooms get hot. Although school's out for summer, this research ... MORE +

Randee Herrin Speaks at PlanGrid Construction Summit

At the PlanGrid Construction Summit in San Francisco, Randee Herrin spoke to an audience filled with key construction leaders and project managers from across the country. ... MORE +

Reduce Risks with These Steps to Your Facility Maintenance Program

Before a facility manager makes headway with planned maintenance, they need to lay the groundwork for their maintenance program to do what it does best — reduce the risk of ... MORE +

TDIndustries Earns ASA Platinum Award for Recovery and Wellness Center

DALLAS – The North Texas chapter of the American Subcontractors Association honored TD with a Platinum Award on Thursday night for TD's work on the Texas Health Resources ... MORE +