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Phil English Celebrates 45 Years with TD!

By Alyssa Figueroa | Jul 13, 2017

TDIndustries is proud of the thousands of TDPartners who have built lifelong careers, making TD a truly great workplace and contributing to their local communities along the way. Phil's story, celebrating his 45th work anniversary with TD, is below. PhilEnglish-45.jpg

In 1971, Phil English was hired as a helper on a Multifamily HVAC construction project, making $2.50 per hour. Because Phil demonstrated great potential and work ethic, he was quickly promoted to Foreman, overseeing six projects. In 1975, he started working start-ups and warranty service for TD’s Multifamily projects. From there, Phil served the department in various roles including Service Dispatcher, Trainer, and Warehouse Manager. One of his roles involved sending tractor trailers all over the country, loaded with everything needed for apartment HVAC jobs. After a brief transition to TD’s now-defunct Single Family business, he moved back to the Multifamily department as a Purchasing Agent and has been with that team since 1994. He currently serves as Purchasing Manager for Multifamily.

Phil maintains his Plumbing License to this day. Fellow TDPartners describe Phil as “one of a kind,” and marvel at his 45-year career at TD. He is also well regarded as “steady, trustworthy, and reliable.”

Phil says, “My supervisors always had confidence in me. All I had to do was show interest in something, and they’d let me run with it. My TDPartners were with me every step of the way.”




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