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Randee Herrin Speaks About TD’s Success With THRIVE at UWGH Conference

Randee Herrin, Houston Vice President of Construction, is no stranger to speaking about TDIndustries’ Women in Trades program. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, she spoke on a United Way of Greater Houston (UWGH) panel to motivate others to perform similar, community- and industry-focused projects.

At the UWGH’s Community Leaders Conference, Herrin joined eight others in the morning session to discuss the resources available through United Way THRIVE, and what individual companies need to do to succeed in launching community programs. Joining Herrin was J.D. Slaughter, S&B Engineers and Constructors – the company that created the program that inspired Herrin’s Women in Trades vision, and Melissa Rouse from CHI St. Luke’s Health, which started a similar program with medical technicians.

All shared how United Way THRIVE provided access, introductions, and assistance to local services. UWGH was instrumental in connecting Herrin with Workforce Solutions, the Harris County Department of Education, SER-Jobs, The Women’s Resource, and the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

“United Way THRIVE was helpful in our program for women, but it isn’t exclusive to women,” Herrin said. “It’s a great resource for any program seeking new hiring avenues.”

Interested in learning more about TD’s Women in Trades programs? Contact us to see if we have one in your area, or read more on our blog.

TD Supports Women in Construction And We’re Seeking more Partners Launch a Career

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