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When the summer temps started inching up to the three-digit mark, some of the Partners at TDIndustries (TD) started thinking about water. More specifically, drinking water. On project job sites, in manufacturing shops and in service vehicles, the large water containers our crews use were being cleaned with different processes and tools. It’s concerning for a number of reasons: first, the inconsistency of processes is counter to TD’s enterprise Lean goals, and second, it just doesn’t keep water as clean as it should.

So TDPartners teamed up with Lone Star Safety to create an innovative water container cleaning kit in an effort to standardize the cleaning process. Launched during the construction industry’s annual Safety Week 2016 campaign, the kit gives the industry a set of processes and tools for mitigating the risk of germ and bacteria growth in water containers. Before its creation, standardized kits were not available from safety suppliers. Not only do the kits utilize food industry-grade quality tools, but they also allow users to clean and document their process—in five minutes or less.

What you’ll find in each kit is a food-grade water hose, a measuring cup, baking soda, waterproof tape, powder-free nitrile gloves, a carrying bag, three brushes and a mesh bag for brush storage that allows the contents to dry and remain sanitary. TD also provided all Partners with a video to demonstrate the kit’s use.

TD and Lone Star Safety are pleased that their partnership helped address an industry-wide concern and help set a new standard for safety and well-being in the industry. It’s a simple, but effective way to keep water clean and safe for people in the shop and in the field.