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TD Expands its Commitment to Innovation Through Partnership in Contractor Innovation Group

TDIndustries is committed to continuous, aggressive improvement. When Tennessee-based Lee Company asked TD to join an industry innovation group, it was a natural fit for TD. TD, alongside six other peers across the nation, has joined the Contractor Innovation Group. This consortium provides innovative startups and early stage companies a new way to share, refine, and move forward with business ideas targeting the facilities solutions and mechanical/electrical contracting markets. This group’s goal is to co-develop successful technologies for the industry.

Service_Techs_San_Antonio_Sep_2017_31TD is already working with one innovator, XOi, to develop its Visual Intelligence program. This software allows service technicians to take photos and videos of their visits, documenting their work for clients. This helps grow trust and provides easy, mobile access to repair reports for busy offsite managers.

This group will function as an exchange, allowing companies to pitch their technology to representatives from each company. The exchange members will have the opportunity to use the products, and/or invest in their success. TD sees this investment as another way to provide value for customers’ end users.

"When growing an innovative culture, it’s important to ask, ‘How do I create value for our customers?'" said Randee Herrin, a Senior Vice President who is leading TD’s innovation initiatives. Herrin’s team is focused on two goals: using new solutions to improve value for TD’s customers, and improving processes, which will also create better value for customers. Companies interested in becoming an Innovation Partner can learn more by visiting www.innovationpartnerexchange.com

Dickies_Arena_May_2018_41innovation partner exchange

The Contractor Innovation Group (CIG) is a long-standing national peer group of industry leading mechanical contractors and facilities solutions companies, including: EnerviseLee Company, MacDonald Miller Facility Solutions, Pacific Rim Mechanical, RK Mechanical, Southern Air, and TDIndustries. As a combined group, CIG represents approximately $2 billion in annual revenues and 8,000 employees.

A servant leadership company, TDIndustries is always seeking ways to improve its communities. A partner in the life-cycle of its customers’ facilities, TD offers building advice through engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance expertise. With a dozen locations serving Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, TD has the resources to make substantial innovative changes to the mechanical-electrical-plumbing industry.

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