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TDIndustries is Named a Siemens Certified Engineering Design Center


TDIndustries is Named a Siemens Certified Engineering Design Center
TD is One of Five in the Country


Dallas, Texas – TDIndustries has been named a Siemens Certified Engineering Design Center –one of five in the United States. As a Siemens Certified Engineering Design Center, TDIndustries is now able to provide building automation systems engineering services to other Siemens dealers across the southwestern United States who need additional engineering capabilities in order to better serve their customers. These engineering services include shop drawings, submittal documents, control system application programming, database creation, graphics and GUI services in addition to assistance with project startup, commissioning and training.

In order to be certified as an Engineering Design Center, TDIndustries has demonstrated that it has the resources, company stability and expertise with Siemens products and processes to be able to support the needs of smaller distributors in remote locations. Furthermore, Niagara AX certification and advanced systems engineering design training were prerequisites to being approved. As one of five in the country, TDIndustries will service primarily the Southwest US, utilizing specialty regional and climate-specific knowledge to serve clients. “We are really excited about being certified as a Siemens Engineering Design Center. This step will allow us to grow our building automation business with other Siemens distributors, improve competitiveness on our own projects and give our customers better service. This vote of confidence by Siemens is a great tribute to our TD partners in the automation and controls industry who have demonstrated outstanding technical capabilities and professionalism.” says Randy Heidrich, Operations and Sales Manager of Automation and Controls at TDIndustries.

Other Engineering Design Centers in the country are Huntington Controls, Inc. in Boston, MA; Complete Control, Inc. in Wisconsin Rapids, WI; Control Management, Inc. in Columbia, SC; and Control Works in Los Angeles, CA.

For more information, visit www.siemens.com.


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TDIndustries delivers a comprehensive approach to mechanical construction and facilities service. TD partners with clients across the entire life-cycle of a facility from automation and controls systems to engineering, construction, operations and maintenance. For 69 years, TDIndustries has provided innovative engineering, construction and facilities management services that optimize the performance of world-class mechanical systems which service healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, sports arenas, mission critical and industrial complexes. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, TDIndustries has offices in Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Weslaco and Phoenix, Arizona. Learn more at www.TDIndustries.com

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