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TD Uses Virtual Reality Technology to Enhance HVAC Service Learning

At TD, personal and professional development for all of our Partners is valued and can be found in many areas of the business. To increase these opportunities and ensure the future of the construction and service industry, an enterprise-wide initiative on enhancing trades training is underway and on the road to exciting things. This includes Virtual Reality (VR) training to enhance HVAC learning.

Last year, TD launched an instructor-led training program in San Antonio for HVAC and Building Technicians. The VR-based training utilizes the nationally accredited National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum and is sponsored through the Construction Education Foundation (CEF). Since its launch, students have eagerly taken turns completing VR assessments, which include multiple HVAC service 3D simulations, all while in the classroom. This allows students and teachers to do the assessment without having to be on a rooftop, while other students in the room are able to see what's happening on the big screen and talk through it afterward. Today, the program has grown to now serve other geographies where TD has a presence including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin.

The VR equipment offers simulations that include residential and rooftop package units with stage two heating and cooling. For Technician I and II Partners, it covers everything they would do on a heating/cooling call. It provides a way to troubleshoot issues a technician would come across, and it gives instructors an opportunity to quickly assess the students' abilities.

The program currently has 64 TD Partners enrolled, and nine Partners are NCCER certified instructors. The Partners who have expressed interest in this training have completed the Core module and have started the HVAC I module. TD is excited to share that the 2nd cohort of students will be added to the programs based on geography needs and services.

After seeing the success of this program in San Antonio, TD will continue integrating VR technology for On-the-Job-Training (OJT) experiences for all Partners. Soon, programs will be starting for Arizona Service and Dallas Facilities offices. TD is proud to share that by prioritizing trades trainings, field Partners are continuing to grow and develop in their careers.

To find out more about TD’s training and career opportunities, visit www.TDIndustries.com/careers. You can also text “TDIndustries” to 97211 to view all TD careers.