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Construction productivity software is essential for any TD jobsite. For Houston, the ideal product came from PlanGrid, because it uniquely met their value proposition which was to provide an easy-to-use platform for document management and viewing to increase field productivity and reduce rework.

While the application has been a great tool, the relationships formed between TD and PlanGrid have also produced dividends. TD's work with PlanGrid has quickly grown into additional opportunities, including interviews, blogs, a case study, and speaking at PlanGrid conferences. Senior Vice President of Houston Construction Randee Herrin and Manager of Process Improvement Morgan Fountain are growing TD's brand across the country.

Here are a few recent and upcoming ways PlanGrid has helped promote these Partners as thought leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry:

  • On April 11, Morgan and Randee will be speaking at PlanGrid's Houston Roadshow event at Minute Maid Park, explaining how TD embraces construction technology and creates a competitive technology advantage. Randee is a keynote speaker, while Morgan is hosting a breakout session. PlanGrid is expecting roughly 1,000 people to attend.
  • In January 2018, PlanGrid asked Morgan to lead the Houston user group. Morgan hosted and facilitated meetings to discuss lessons learned and best practices with customers and other trade contractors.
  • Later in June, Randee spoke at the PlanGrid Construction Summit in San Francisco. She spoke about the use of technology in the construction industry and also shared her thoughts around hiring women for the trades, with roughly 900 decision makers in attendance.
  • In November, PlanGrid published an interview with Randee. The discussion focused on how PlanGrid supported TD's work, but also mentioned Randee's work with TD's Women in Trades program. PlanGrid is also helping spread knowledge of TD's abilities through marketing material.
  • During Women in Construction Week from March 4-8, PlanGrid featured TD on its "Top Resources for Women in Construction" blog and showed TD's "Breaking the Mold" recruiting video.

Construction Industry Thought Leaders

"It is a tremendous honor that they used their national and international platform to share our actions toward diversity and inclusion within the construction industry," Randee said. "I feel so fortunate that we are partnered with a company that not only brings us value in the field but also aligns with our culture of supporting women in the construction industry."

After Morgan and Randee speak this month, these two Houston Partners will have had a direct influence on almost 2,000 architect, engineering, and construction leaders, as well as keeping the TD brand front of mind for others who one day may reach that threshold. They will likely participate in more events this year.

Tickets are still available for the Houston roadshow. For more information, click here.

Watch TD's "Breaking the Mold" video, featured in a PlanGrid Construction Productivity Blog: 

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