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What Does “Quality” Mean To You?

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) defines quality as: A subjective term for which each person or sector has its own definition. In technical usage, quality can have two ... MORE +

Logan Wallis: A TDPartner and Veteran

As Operations Manager for the Process Solutions business unit, Logan Wallis knows a thing or two about logistics, operations, and supporting hundreds of team members. Prior to ... MORE +

Grace Wilson: Intern to Construction Leader

Grace Wilson did not expect a quick chat with a TDPartner at her college’s job fair to flourish into a calling. She began her career with TD as an intern and is currently an ... MORE +

Is It Time to Get a New Hard Hat?

The tough conditions of the field will affect your protective gear. And one of our most frequently asked questions from TDPartners is “when does my hard hat expire”? MORE +

Witte Museum Expansion & Renovation: A Flue System and a Fossil

Science and history exhibits require well-ventilated, cool spaces to preserve each precious piece of a collection. At the Witte Museum, which houses more than 300,000 pieces, a ... MORE +

Why I Became An Engineer - Alexander's Story

In honor of National Engineers Week, TDIndustries is sharing the stories of some of our young engineers and what inspired them to enter the industry. In a rapidly changing ... MORE +