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TD Visual Intelligence is live!

We’re super excited to get it rolled out for our current and new customers alike, but first, we want to give you an introduction to the platform. We strongly believe this is not only going to streamline TD’s own maintenance reporting but make facility managers’ lives so much easier, too.

This blog offers a brief overview of the user experience and what you can expect when you log-in.

Video and Photo Recaps of Your Facility Maintenance Work Orders

What really sets TD Visual Intelligence apart from traditional reporting is the ability to upload video and photo recaps of maintenance work orders in the Cloud.

Once a maintenance work order is complete, a facility manager can expect an email or text message with a link to all the related materials associated with the ticket. Not only will he see the job is complete, but also receive a full visual overview of what went wrong, how the equipment was fixed, and recommendations for the future.


The video themselves will almost always contain a voice over of the technician, which will walk facility managers through the summary of outcomes and the current status of any equipment.

High Ease of Use

Thankfully, facility managers won’t need long to ramp up on the visual intelligence app.

For the highest levels of convenience, managers can choose the communication format that works best for them (or any combination) including email, text message, and/or logging into the app itself.

Once in the app, facility managers can see a live stream of updates in chronological order (the live feed), but they can also sort the tickets by date and technician.


This allows facility managers to review the status of any equipment for their own reporting purposes, but also provides a refresh on any previous orders to get back up to speed or follow up on recommendations given by the technician.

Interested in Learning More About Visual Intelligence? Let Us Know!

TD Visual Intelligence is the next big step in facility maintenance reporting, especially because it allows us to be that much more transparent with customers. If you haven’t already had a chance to use the app and try this out for yourself, we encourage you to reach out!

To learn more information about the platform, you can visit our official Visual Intelligence page. If you’re interested in setting up video reporting for your own maintenance, you can reach out to us directly through the form on the page linked below.

Recap maintenance work orders via video and photo. TD’s cloud-based Visual Intelligence platform is live. Learn more.