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Why Proactive On-Demand Electrical Service is Always Necessary

Every industry can relate to the nail-biting stress of the most critical time of year.

A restaurant on a Friday night during the holidays; a hospital at max capacity due to a seasonal outbreak; a hotel during a conference with the highest and most elite attendance; a school on the daunting first day of standardized tests ahead for students; a corporate office launching a new product or service with all hands on deck; a data center implementing capacity changes that took months of strategic planning.

Situations like this vividly remind us how a malfunctioning electrical system can create a domino effect. An electrical system is the foundation of every facility and its occupants. Without a properly functioning electrical system, those high-stress moments can easily become total disasters.

Featured Resource: Facility Risk Assessment 

Imagine the unexpected happens during a demanding time, and your facility’s electrical system succumbs to a breakdown. All electricity-dependent equipment is affected, bringing essential day-to-day operations to a screeching halt – but it gets even worse. The facility is forced to stop all operations until repairs and equipment replacements are complete.

Regardless of how effective your planned maintenance procedures are, having a go-to provider for emergency electrical service is a must for every industry. It’s almost like having a superhero to call for help with making cost-effective decisions and mitigating risk in emergency situations.

Who will you call when the first domino falls? Does your superhero have the appropriate superpowers to accommodate your needs?

After months of research, we’ve curated a helpful and relevant list explaining why property managers and facilities directors are increasingly becoming more proactive in their search for an on-demand electrical service provider. Consider the following benefits when looking for a cost-effective electrical service provider for on-demand situations.

Financial Security with Licensed, Trained, and Insured Electricians

You wouldn’t go under the knife with a surgeon who isn’t properly trained for an emergency procedure, so why put your business at risk with an inadequate electrician? Trustworthy electrical contractors will go above the minimum training and experience required for licensing and training. Their knowledge and experience will also help them naturally know their way around your building, instead of having to start from square one.

Most importantly, an electrical contractor will be sufficiently insured. Protect your assets by determining a go-to provider for emergency electrical service. Electrical contractors should be properly insured with errors and omissions coverage, which will help you avoid detrimental financial losses. Best practices suggest the more critical a facility is, the more insurance matters.

Keep in mind that electrical system malfunctions can be hard to detect, and you’ll only know something is wrong when it breaks. On-demand electrical service (also known as emergency maintenance) can significantly impact budgets. However, building and maintaining a trusting relationship with a go-to contractor can make all the difference.

Premier Dispatching and Standardized Processes

When an electrical emergency occurs, the last thing you need is a series of automated machines and button clicks amplifying the stress and delaying a solution. Inefficient dispatching and inconsistent processes lead to loss of valuable minutes that could be spent making progress and ensuring the comfort, safety, and productivity of all occupants.

Is your go-to electrical contractor for on-demand service available 24/7/365 with dispatchers to communicate your needs to technicians? Do the dispatchers remain calm, clear, and in control, especially in emergencies?

No matter the situation, a reliable electrical contractor with premier dispatching and standardized processes will respond appropriately. Exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize and think quickly on their feet are must-have attributes in a reliable on-demand electrical service provider.

Unmatched Resources and Agnostic System Capabilities

Some on-demand electrical situations will require costly equipment and tools that aren’t commonly used, and many electrical contractors don’t have the budget to afford them. For example, a ground resistance tester can play a pivotal role in locating what causes ground faults to make a main breaker trip, but not everyone owns the high-priced device.

Top-notch electrical contractors can self-perform comprehensive emergency service on your equipment connections, electrical panels and breakers, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), ozone generators, voice and data cabling, power distribution units (PDUs), and beyond. A vast fleet of service vehicles will help ensure minimal disruption and downtimes. 

No matter the brand or age of your system, a reliable on-demand electrical contractor will be able to deliver top-notch work. Additionally, they’ll have strong relationships with vendors they can collaborate with on a moment’s notice, day or night.

TDIndustries Offers On-Demand Electrical Service

Looking for the superhero you can call when the first domino falls? TD’s on-demand electrical service is the next big step in risk mitigation and facility management. Submit a service call form or give us a call at 1-800-864-7717 to learn how TD can take care of your critical infrastructure so you can focus on your core business. Our TDPartners in the service contact center are available 24/7/365 to communicate your needs to technicians – no answering machines, no outsourcing, no hassle.

Keep in mind that TD Visual Intelligence is also included in our on-demand electrical service. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you take advantage of our complimentary Facility Risk Assessment below. There are always risks of electrical system failure and inefficiencies as equipment is used over time.

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