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When you realize the impact welders have had on the history of the United States, you'll understand why TDIndustries is celebrating National Welding Month

As the link between community growth and economic prosperity, welding is an essential part of human history and its future, with welders playing a pivotal role in the safety of products and structures we experience every day.

From your grandfather’s generation through today, welders keep the United States’ economy together, and National Welding Month is a chance to honor their contributions to society – past, present, and future. 

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World War II is often known as the “Resource War,” where the outcome was decided by which countries could out-produce the others. In the United States, welders were essential to that effort, so much so that President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s comments are inscribed on the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.:

“They have stoked the furnaces and hurried the factory wheels. They have made the planes and welded the tanks, riveting the ships and rolled the shells.”

He wasn’t just talking about men. Before the start of World War II, less than 1 percent of the welding workforce was female; by 1943, that number was 65 percent.

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Today, welders may not be producing as much war equipment, but their role is no less vital. As part of the manufacturing, construction, and mining trades, welders are an essential part of more than 57 percent of the United States’ gross domestic product.

Beyond that, there’s a massive shortfall of people who choose welding as a career, despite the solid growth. The Texas Workforce Commission estimates that welding careers will grow at 4.3 percent each year for the next five years, and when that is paired with a career in construction – where the growth is almost 20 percent during that same time frame – it can be a lucrative career, too.

Manufacturing in Dallas

At TD, we know the value our welders bring each day. Let us be the first to thank them for their crucial, and often unsung, effort that helps us build and maintain facilities that serve the core principles of our nation.

Do you want to do something important with your career? Do you want to leave a legacy for your family? Do you want to contribute to a building that will serve millions of people long after you have gone? Click this link to learn how TD can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 

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