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Facility managers are busy people no matter the size of their enterprise. Not only must the facility manager take into account yearly planned maintenance tasks, but also prepare to put out emergency maintenance fires as they happen. This isn’t easy to do, especially without the right tools to get the job done.

Thankfully, the TD Visual Intelligence platform recently made its debut, which opens up new avenues of opportunities for facility managers to make their lives that much easier. Now emboldened with the power of video maintenance reporting, the sky's the limit!

We believe facility managers can lean on the platform to streamline their day-to-day maintenance responsibilities for the following reasons.

More Easily Prove ROI for Commercial Maintenance

When submitting a report on the status of the facility, you will feel more empowered if you can justify your costs. When you not only provide a general overview of the maintenance performed, but back it up with video confirmation, you immediately gain credibility.

Through the TD Visual Intelligence platform, you can quickly find the video reports for individual maintenance tickets. If you submit your report electronically, you can also provide the links to the video files created by the technician in charge of the repair. If there is any doubt about equipment status, this will show — in detail — how commercial maintenance was performed and lay out next steps.

More Easily Prove Financial Need for Planned Maintenance

Sometimes, because much of the equipment in a facility is unseen and not noticed until it stops working, it can be difficult to justify the costs of planned maintenance.

For facility managers looking to expand the budget for their maintenance team or even budget some extra money for third-party vendors, giving a CFO (or whomever controls your budget allocation) a visual overview of equipment status can bring real issues to life better than written or spoken words alone.

By actually seeing how maintenance issues manifest themselves in a detailed explanation, there is both a logical and emotional appeal for additional budget if more resources are truly needed.

Keep Yourself and Your Team Up to Date

When equipment specifications aren’t kept up-to-date and technicians have difficulty understanding what happened in the last repair, maintenance becomes far less efficient than it otherwise would be.

The Cloud-based Visual Intelligence platform will not only offer a place to archive PDF reports and updated equipment specifications, but also where technicians or managers can acquire an update on previously repaired equipment in a couple of minutes.

Improve Life Cycle Management for Your Equipment

As a facility manager, you will need to have a good feel for when additional maintenance is required and also when it’s time to make a new capital investment in replacement equipment. You want to get the most out of your initial capital investment, and Visual Intelligence gives you the means to keep equipment up and running longer.

Additionally, in the case equipment prematurely fails to the point regular maintenance is no longer the cost effective option, you will have greater justification for a full-scale replacement when it’s absolutely necessary.

Keep Your Facility Operations Going Smoothly

Facility managers want to keep facilities humming along at all costs, so a deeper dive into the repair of the most essential equipment, such as an HVAC system, is a big deal.

Technicians will often provide suggestions for next maintenance steps, allowing facility managers to plan ahead and ensure the necessary maintenance tasks are set up to ensure quality and reliability.   

Example: Working Through Commercial HVAC Maintenance

An HVAC system starts to show some wear, yet is still working. Sometimes it can be challenging to acquire the necessary budget to increase the frequency of planned maintenance without firm proof. The Visual Intelligence platform can help facilitate and streamline the procurement of additional budget.

A technician can provide in-depth video and photos in their report of the areas showing strain, and what’s causing it, as well as recommendations of what they can do to repair or maintain the equipment efficiently. By using these videos, a facility manager can easily present the issue to the CFO, making the problems readily understandable. Because less time is spent explaining a report, the conversation can shift to acquiring more budget and whether the equipment should be replaced or if commercial HVAC maintenance is the best option.

Facility managers can use these enhanced reports to help remove time educating or explaining issues and move to solutions more quickly.  

Sign Up to Test Out the Platform

If you haven’t already tested out TD Visual Intelligence, we highly encourage you to see how the platform can transform how you approach maintenance.

You can learn more information about the platform and even test it out for yourself by signing up on the official page linked below:

Recap maintenance work orders via video and photo. TD’s cloud-based Visual Intelligence platform is live. Learn more.