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Here's Why Women in Construction Week Helps Build Career Paths

The first full week in March marks National Women in Construction Week, which highlights the important work women do in our industry and raises awareness for their accomplishments and growing roles. TD is committed to supporting women in the trades.

One such Arizona Construction Partner has worked hard to quickly rise through the ranks of her profession. 

Safety Coordinator Colleen Qualls’ dedication to her career and goal-oriented mindset have helped her move from Sheet Metal Apprentice to Materials Handler to Safety Coordinator at the Edge Core project site, all within four months.

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Since joining TD in November 2018, Colleen has already completed her OSHA 10, OSHA 30, Excavation Competent Person, and Basic Rigging and Signalman certifications. She recently completed the TDTech Class and is currently enrolled in Arizona’s apprenticeship program.

“For me, Women in Construction Week is long overdue,” Colleen said. “As a woman in construction, I have to say that most individuals see a person by their abilities, not by their gender.”

As a Navy veteran, Colleen spent five years active duty as an Aviation Mechanic Structures Third Class Petty Officer, stationed in San Diego. After her military career and prior to joining TD, she worked as an aircraft mechanic and a corrections officer.

Women in Construction Week

“Colleen has been a great addition to our team,” said Pedro Ibarra, Project Superintendent. “She has taken on various roles with great pride and outstanding performance, most recently the responsibility of safety management. Colleen is fully committed to protecting the safety of our partners and all others. She is truly a great representative for National Women in Construction Week.”

Colleen’s diverse background also includes a master's degree in applied sociology and bachelor's degree in psychology, both from Northern Arizona University. She shows a passion for continuing to learn.

“I am constantly learning about the construction industry and safety in construction,” Colleen said. “My goal is to move up fast, but to also be respected for who I am, my knowledge, and my experience.”

Interested in learning more about TD’s Women in Trades programs? Click the image below and fill out the form. TD supports women on their journey with a career in trades, and we might have a program in your area. 

TD Supports Women in Construction And We’re Seeking more Partners Launch a Career


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