At TDIndustries it’s safety first, safety always. Our Partners’ safety is essential to all we do, and it's why we maintain one of the best safety records in the industry. But our goal is to improve that number. After all, it is our obligation to make sure our folks go home safely to their families every day.


Fiercely Protect The Safety Of All Partners

This is one of our five core values. At TDIndustries we never compromise on safety. We believe it is our fundamental responsibility to create and maintain a safe place where all Partners can work without fear of injury, and we hold each other accountable for identifying and reporting unsafe situations without retribution.

2025 Vision: Zero Harm

We are passionately working toward this vision through our commitment to:

  • Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) prevention
  • Finding and fixing hazards
  • Heavy use of Stop Work Authority
  • Not tolerating unsafe behaviors or conditions
  • A world-class safety culture
  • No safety event going unreported
  • Behavior-based safety, where all TD partners approach safety proactively and use innovative safety strategies
  • Maintain the expectation to speak up immediately if something is unsafe
  • Fiercely Protect the Safety of all on a daily basis



Focusing on SIF prevention can only be achieved by aggressively managing our expectations to truly live out our Core Values through the following core safety concepts:


A safe workplace is much more than awareness – to achieve better results we will actually have to make our workplaces safer; which means we need excellent safety systems, processes, safety leadership, safety behaviors and working conditions.


Leading indicators, contributing factors of incidents and safety event potential give a more complete picture of workplace safety rather than injury or incident rates.


The precursors to SIFs are fundamentally different than that of minor injuries and require this fundamental change of our company's safety focus.

Our Safety Culture Is Nationally Recognized

TD’s safety culture is recognized industry-wide and produces some of the best safety measurements in our field. Those achievements are supported by ongoing attention to training and safe behaviors every day.


Partner Safety Awards & Accolades

Partner Wins Red Cross Award

The American Red Cross recently honored a TD Project Superintendent, and it's easy to see why. A TD Plumbing Apprentice might not be here today if it weren't for the persistent use of the skills and knowledge learned in an American Red Cross Training Services Course.

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​San Antonio Service Team Reaches New Safety Heights

There's not much clearer explanation of TD's Zero Harm goal than the San Antonio Service team, which recently passed a new safety milestone: 45 months without a single report.

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