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Believe in Your Potential

Want to achieve your personal and professional goals? Learn how TD’s commitment to providing diverse career opportunities can help you fulfill your dreams.

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NOTICE: Please be aware of suspicious recruiting emails and text messages that attempt to collect your confidential information. All authorized TDIndustries recruiters use @tdindustries.com email addresses. All job applications are processed by our in-house recruiters. We are not associated with any third parties.

Become a Partner

TDIndustries began on a foundation of Servant Leadership. This cultural philosophy suggests that every person must become a leader by serving others first and then, through conscious choice‚ begin leading.

We help our Partners grow through respecting individual differences, talents and strengths.

Our commitment to this philosophy has created an environment where Partners trust leadership to listen to their thoughts and ideas and, in turn, leadership trusts the judgment of Partners.

Servant Leadership is a way of life that deeply enhances our culture and our business. Leaders are first a servant of those they lead. They are teachers‚ sources of information and knowledge‚ and the standard setters rather than a giver of directions or a disciplinarian. Servant Leaders see things through the eyes of their followers. They put themselves in others’ shoes and help them make their dreams come true.


A Great Place to Work

One of FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Places to Work” Legends, TDIndustries is employee-owned and supports the growth of our Partners (you).

As a Partner, launch and develop a full-fledged career. Your happiness and development is our first priority, so we’ll be with you every step of the way.

We believe happy people are productive people. As an employee-owned company, this only strengthens our belief that our Partners always come first.

We work hard, but we like to have fun and help our communities while we’re at it.

Servant Leadership in TD Culture

"As complicated as plumbing or accounting are, they're not as complicated as people." This is a quote from TD Legend Jack Lowe, Jr.

In this clip, Jack Lowe Jr., tells how his father, Jack Lowe, Sr., began incorporating Servant Leadership into TD culture in 1972. You won't regret watching!

Choose Your Career


When buildings incorporate the right automation and control systems, companies can improve their long-term planning and dramatically reduce costs. As a member of the TDIndustries team, you will help bring modern web-based interfaces, energy optimization and real-time measurement tools to mission critical facilities.

Facilities Management

Join a dedicated on-site facility maintenance crew to keep systems running smoothly around the clock. With computer maintenance management system (CMMS) software at your disposal, nothing can escape your watch.

Construction Jobs

From designing dynamic building models with cutting-edge VDC tools to pre-fabrication and target value design, expect a highly interactive and collaborative experience as a member of the TD construction team.

Professional Services

From human relations to sales and finance, we're always seeking top-notch professionals who are amazing at what they do.


We hire more engineers than most mechanical subcontractors in the industry, so we understand the value of quality engineering. The liaison between designers and builders, TD Industries' engineers improve building constructability, assist in preventative maintenance, and deliver target value design (TVD) to clients.


When emergency maintenance is requested, our johnny-on-the-spot services team is ready to tackle even the most daunting tasks.

Our benefits deliver comfort and security for our Partners

From healthcare to shared ownership, we have your back