A Smart Building is an Optimized Building.

BrightBlue™ optimizes your building systems’ reliability and performance to conserve energy and resources, ensure consistent occupant comfort and improve equipment life-cycle. The TD difference is our proactive, skilled service as we diagnose, prioritize and provide pinpoint solutions to your building’s issues.


How BrightBlue™ Can Help You Manage Your Building's Performance

Energy and Information Management

Data management can be overwhelming for any building operator. Through TD’s skill and expertise, BrightBlue™ takes the waste — and guesswork — out of your building systems operations and lets you know what’s happening in an easy-to-use platform.



Proactive Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Fault detection and diagnostics means performing an in-depth analysis and pinpointing one or more root causes of problems, to the point where corrective action can be taken. The investigation stage that’s required by Fault Detection and BAS Alarm-only tools inefficiently use time and resources.

System Oversight

Visibility into operational inefficiencies before they lead to more serious problems is key to preventing system breakdowns. Our team of expert BrightBlue™ engineers work with you to integrate and customize the suite of tools to optimize your equipment performance, maintain asset compliance, provide continuous commissioning and best serve your facility's needs.


Extended Equipment Life-Cycle

More than 80 percent of equipment failures are not related to equipment age. BrightBlue™ prioritizes equipment faults to save on labor costs, while enhanced diagnostics allow you to ensure building conditions remain optimal for the health and well-being of your occupants.




Maximize Efficiencies and Realize the Benefits of BrightBlue™


Predictive usage data shows how much you can save by fixing a small issue today rather than larger issues later.

Equipment Reliability

Save time and money on costly emergency repairs with real-time reporting to increase reliability, performance and extend the life of your equipment.


Monitor systems for potential faults with diagnostics that catch issues and provide solutions before occupant comfort is affected.

Go from reactive to proactive with