Black History Month Spotlight: Interview with Dr. Joe Seabrooks, President of Dallas College Cedar Valley Campus


TDIndustries invests in people, celebrates the power of Individual differences and strives to create a culture of collaboration and inclusion. Accordingly, TD encourages talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to consider and explore the multitude of professional opportunities in mechanical construction and the trades.

During Black History Month, TD gained insight from influential Black business leaders about what it takes to groom the next generation of industry professionals and recruit diverse talent. TD recently spoke with Dr. Joe Seabrooks, president of Dallas College Cedar Valley Campus, about his role as an educator and his passion for servant leadership.

Dr. Seabrooks joined the Cedar Valley Campus of Dallas College in 2016 and is deeply committed to the community and offering the college’s students excellent opportunities for professional growth. Serving over 9,000 students, the campus is well-known for its 352 rolling acres, outstanding curriculum and four-year University Transfer programs. Cedar Valley Campus is also recognized for its exemplary Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program, which has groomed skilled talent for the mechanical construction industry.

Before joining Dallas College, Dr. Seabrooks served as president of two campuses in the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) District located in Kansas City, Missouri and served as the assistant vice chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

During the discussion, Dr. Seabrooks shared wisdom and insight about why students should consider entering the construction industry, touting immense corporate investment. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the construction industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, particularly in the State of Texas and in the Southwest Region,” said Seabrooks, “anyone that wants to be economically independent should be thinking ‘how can I get a piece of that investment?’” When asked why students should consider taking pursuing careers within the industry, Seabrooks responded, “There is a place for everyone…and there is no greater satisfaction than to look out on something that you built that has a long-term presence in our space.”

TD understands the need for varied perspectives and values the individual contributions of its workforce. Seabrooks continued, “Diversity will be critical as you think about designing the spaces that are welcoming for all, that tap into the emotions, hopes and dreams, and desires of everyone…you just don’t build buildings you create spaces that bring people together. That is the mantra that has caused TD to be successful all these years and will carry us into the future.”

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