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    January 17, 2022

    Save on Building Costs in the New Year with Our Winter Checklist

    In the Southwest, we all know that a mild start to the winter season doesn't necessarily mean smooth sailing for building operations all year. Just say "February 2021" and building managers will likely share a few unanticipated challenges!

    As your trusted adviser for mechanical Service and Facilities maintenance, TDIndustries is sharing our essential checklist for winter maintenance and how planned maintenance and service can save you operational costs.

    Have a Plan

    Now is the ideal time to maintain and service your air conditioning, chillers and cooling towers, as you likely won’t need them for full-time duty until spring.

    Why do maintenance now? As you plan your maintenance schedule and budget for the new year, you’ll want a plan that saves you time and money on your HVAC, plumbing or electrical equipment this year.

    "A lot of the equipment we work on is out of sight, out of mind," says Rick Harvey, TDIndustries Service Sales Manager. "When do you call for on-demand service? When something goes wrong. And that’s when it’s going to cost you the most."

    Know the Signs

    At the first sign of winter weather, TDIndustries gets on-demand calls for:
    No heating … No hot water … Water leaks … Pump failures

    Does this sound familiar? Many of these issues can be predicted and proactively addressed for less than the cost of an emergency repair or replacement.

    Download your winter checklistchecklist partial-1

    Realize the Benefits of Planned Service

    Why should you plan and budget your maintenance now for 2022?

    You will SAVE money and time with regular planned maintenance (we recommend quarterly) on your HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment.

    Planned maintenance benefits you, your buildings and equipment in five key ways:

    1. Saves you money on energy costs compared with operating inefficient equipment
    2. Saves you money by prolonging the life of your equipment
    3. Saves you money on costly emergency repairs or replacements
    4. Saves you time waiting weeks — or months — for replacement parts or new equipment
    5. Saves you from building occupant complaint calls resulting from equipment failures

    TDIndustries Service is your trusted adviser to keep your building functioning at peak performance and efficiency.

    Call us today at 1-800-864-7717 or fill out this form to consult with an expert adviser.

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