Save on Energy Costs This Summer with Planned HVAC Maintenance

With the roller coaster ride of energy costs we’ve seen already this year, it pays to prepare your HVAC system now for rising temperatures and humidity levels. Summer commercial utility bills are often the highest all year round, especially in Sunbelt states such as Arizona and Texas where the heat index can soar to 120 degrees F and above.

"System preparedness is crucial toward minimizing the inconvenience of service interruption and potential system failure," says Rick Harvey, TD’s Service Sales Manager in Phoenix. What maintenance does Rick recommend?


Interested in saving even more on energy costs? Check out the Federal Energy Management Program's purchasing tips for light commercial heating and cooling equipment.

TDIndustries’ highly skilled service technicians can support your efficiency and planned maintenance efforts today while keeping you up to date on the latest technology and upgrades to ensure your commercial buildings stay ahead of the curve in years to come.

Start saving now.

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