Women in Construction Week: Meet Kyla Hall, Safety Coordinator


This Women in Construction Week, TDIndustries spoke with safety, health and environmental coordinator Kyla Hall. She joined TD this year after interning during summer 2022. Hall and her fellow college interns researched environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives for TD. One component of their research included the integration of more vehicles with lower carbon emissions into TD’s existing fleet, starting with the introduction of a new hybrid Ford Maverick safety vehicle.

Women in Construction

TDIndustries’ core values include fiercely protecting the safety of all partners and celebrating the power of individual differences. This Women in Construction week, Hall was asked to share her insights regarding the significance of having women in the construction industry and to chronicle her journey at TD. Hall said, “I think that it is important to have women in construction and women in safety. When you have a problem, the best way to tackle it is to have diverse opinions and backgrounds. [Women] bring different perspectives and ways of attacking a challenge.”

Kyla Hall’s Internship Journey

Hall, now a full-time employee-owner at TD, recalls, “Participating in the ESG research project as an intern allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills. I did extensive research on a hot topic – hybrid and electric vehicles. I interviewed TD Partners to gain insight into their needs, and combined it with my research, to identify vehicles that best suited the job.” Hall continued, “I loved being able to bring ideas together to create a potential solution for TD to obtain a more sustainable fleet.”

Hall mentioned that she was thrilled to see her hard work come to fruition – and benefit TD. According to TDIndustries’ Safety, Health and Environmental Vice President Jamie Dabbs, who also served as executive sponsor for this internship project, “Our first hybrid Ford Maverick truck has been assigned to our West Texas safety coordinator, Spenser Murray. Our plan is to commission another hybrid Maverick truck soon.”

According to Hall, “If I could sum up my internship in a few words, I’d say that it was intentional, affirming and fun. Everyone who I interacted with was intentional with their time, giving me great guidance and the opportunity to test my classroom education in the field. The experience affirmed that safety is the career path for me. Finally, it was so much fun! From getting to work on job sites, to learning about TD’s incredible culture, I was excited to be a part of every step.”

Lasting Impact

By helping to advance TD’s sustainability efforts, Kyla Hall and her fellow interns have made a lasting impact on TD and demonstrated the value of new ideas, collaboration and inclusion. 

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