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Electrical & Lighting

Our commercial electricians are licensed, certified and trained to deliver top-notch work for any system. Our services include electrical distribution, equipment connections, medium voltage, electrical panels and breakers, aerial lighting, electrical testing, thermal Imaging/Infrared, voice and data cabling, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) power distribution units (PDUs) and more.



Don't Risk Your Safety with DIY Electrical Repairs

Hiring certified electricians with extensive safety training and an understanding of complex systems can protect in-house teams as well as prevent safety issues, threat of fire and network inefficiencies down the road.

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Facilities Equipment Maintenance Tips for Electrical Services

If you’re a facilities manager or building owner, it’s vital for you to be aware of your electrical equipment’s life span and understand its annual maintenance needs.

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Key Performance Indicators

What you don’t know about your building’s systems can hurt your facility. Use the right KPIs to keep track of facility health. In our e-book, Tracking Facility Maintenance Key Performance Indicators, we walk you through the KPIs to keep top of mind.

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Why Proactive On-Demand Electrical Service is Always Necessary

Regardless of how effective your planned maintenance procedures are, having a go-to provider for emergency electrical service is a must for every industry. On-demand electrical service (also known as emergency maintenance) can significantly impact budgets; however, building and maintaining a trusting relationship with a go-to contractor can reduce costs and deliver peace of mind.




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With locations throughout the Southwest, we have on-call service technicians ready and available to assist you. Call us at 1-800-864-7717 or click below to schedule service.