Public Assembly

Looking to provide worshippers and community members a tranquil experience, with an impeccable and meaningful facility?

Gathering spaces deserve the support of a trusted partner who designs and maintains facilities with care. The quality of our work reflects our culture of service, leadership and collective ownership. We learn from, teach and inspire others to do their best, which comes from a place of passion for what we do. From new construction of your auditorium, to renovating your historic church, we exceed expectations in servicing your facility life-cycle management needs.

In places of worship and public assembly, we are always in the background supporting the main event. The Southwest's religious buildings, houses of worship and auditoriums serve as the cornerstone for some of life’s most meaningful moments and occasions. Don’t let noisy and outdated building systems detract from the peaceful environment and beautiful music that fills your house of worship or opera house. Our building professionals can help your public assembly space deliver to your audience.


Types of Work



Is your building a reflection of your mission and values? We partner with you to design and build a space suited to your community's needs. Our Servant Leadership culture allows us to see things through your eyes. We want to make your vision come true with an awe-inspiring space that makes an impact on your attendees' lives. From constructing a new public assembly hall to retrofitting an historic house of worship, TD has the knowledge and experience to create one-of-a-kind buildings through cost-effective solutions. 




Facilities and Maintenance

Meeting your needs is our first requirement, but we go beyond to exceed your expectations. With partners in a vast array of trades, we quickly respond to any issue. TD helps keep your places of worship and public assembly running with as little downtime as possible 24/7/365. 

Featured Case Study



Facilities: St. Monica Catholic Church

For the past 20 years, TD and St. Monica have extended their partnership beyond a simple maintenance contract. For TD’s team, it has evolved into a chance to serve.

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We're your trusted partner in Public Assembly.