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Integrated Facilities Management

What are your facility management needs? Keep your building running in top condition and optimal efficiency with our customized facilities management services.


Environmentally Sustainable

Building operations require a significant amount of energy and are a large contributor to global carbon emissions. Implementing environmentally responsible building operation practices is crucial to reducing the carbon footprint and results in big savings.

The TDFacilities team can help building owners and operators save on utility and operational costs as they become better environmental stewards. Following best practices and guidelines set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the Department of Energy and other engineering experts, TDFacilities can customize solutions for any size building or campus.






Occupant Comfort and Satisfaction

Comfortable and satisfied employees are the most productive employees. The experienced TDFacilities team will help you develop a customized plan to balance the many objectives of your building. By maintaining optimal temperatures and humidity, we ensure that you achieve both occupant comfort and satisfaction.

Fiscally Responsible

TD understands your organization’s need to balance fiscal priorities with your environmental and comfort goals. Cost-effective building operation requires skilled managers, operators and technicians to ensure best practices are in place. TDFacilities’ sole focus is helping you to operate and maintain your buildings in a fiscally responsible way that aligns with your company’s core objectives.


24/7 Facilities Management Services

Take advantage of TD’s full business offerings including HVAC, electrical/lighting, plumbing, fire/life safety, central utility plant management, janitorial and landscaping services. Not only do you benefit from full-time facilities management, but you can also leverage our Service/Maintenance or Construction groups for specialized projects or renovations, coordinated by your on-site Facilities or Operations Manager. Our unmatched resources and capabilities keep your facility running with limited downtime.




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