TDIndustries to Share Insights at Advancing Prefabrication Conference

This year’s Advancing Prefabrication conference, June 15-17, includes 100-plus speakers and five content tracks of comprehensive programming available in-person in Dallas or virtually online. In its fifth year, the conference is dedicated to revolutionizing prefabrication and industrialized manufacturing approaches across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) supply chain.

The conference draws global industry leaders to share best practices from optimizing every stage of projects to discovering how to build faster, with higher quality and fewer resources through prefabrication, modularization and supply chain transformation.

TDIndustries’ Randee Herrin, Sr. VP of Construction Technologies and Manufacturing, and David Ronson, Director of Construction Technologies, will present TDIndustries’ case study on Wednesday, June 16, in the first track: Single Trade Prefabrication: Production & Logistics. In advance of the event, Herrin shared her expectations for the 2021 event.


What can you tell us about this year’s Advancing Prefabrication conference?

It’s exciting to see how manufacturing and technology are going to play into the future of construction and to be surrounded by industrywide thought leaders in that space.

Can you give us a preview of your case study with David Ronson: "Developing an Efficient End-to-End Tracking System to Understand Performance Metrics & Inform Strategic Decision Making?"

Our case study will show the road map that TDIndustries began in 2017-2018: why we made the decisions that we made to set up our database, develop a forward-thinking construction technology team and invest in our VDC center of excellence to support the technology that drives the model to manufacture. As we use the technology to manage and to manufacture, the data from that process can help us make better decisions on how to estimate and design models that are more efficient.

In preparation for the future of construction, we’re creating model-led, technology-driven manufacturing workflows. The future is in manufacturing and off-site prefabrication to ensure quality, efficiency and innovation. And to enable that future, we set up an infrastructure of data and technology to leverage the opportunities there. We’re looking forward to sharing our learnings along the way.

What conference highlights and sessions are of interest to you and how TDIndustries is using prefabrication?

I’m especially interested in the proof from hearing what other innovative companies are doing — how is it working for them, how have they leveraged their technology and culture around fabrication to really set their future within the construction industry. It’s all interesting to me.

What additional aspects, such as networking, are anticipated for the conference for TDIndustries and other companies interested in technology advances?

We’re interested in finding other thought leaders and potential partners. As we go into this new future, we’re going to need to work together. So, who are others in the industry who are on the same journey who might be potential great partners for the future?

That’s what I look for when I go to these conferences, those other thought leaders, companies and owners that are doing great things who we can partner with. I would love to get to know owners who are interested in the delivery of construction in a different way.

We’re investing in building our technology and manufacturing side and are interested in the future of partnering in new ways, owner direct projects, and building modules to deliver construction. It’s interesting to see the different ways that owners want to build and experience the construction process. I see it as a renaissance, really. There is a better way to build, how are we all collectively going to change the game.

What do you expect from the keynote by Event Ambassador Amy Marks, Autodesk’s Director of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism?

It’s always great to hear her speak and learn from her thought leadership. I always look forward to hearing her outlook and perspectives.

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