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TDIndustries Increases Its Access To Talented Craftworkers With THRIVE

From a military member and a dance instructor, to a retail worker and a single mother, the graduates of THRIVE come from all walks of life. Now, they look forward to the ... MORE +

Randee Herrin Talks THRIVE on Houston Public Media

On Friday, TD Vice President of New Construction Randee Herrin sat down with Florian Martin, a business reporter at Houston Public Media for a radio interview. They discussed ... MORE +

The Secret To Success For All Industry Leaders, Especially In Construction

The construction industry is changing, and the key to success is waking up leaders everywhere.  MORE +

Victoria Yates Starts A Career In Construction

Victoria Yates has the drive to be successful. A business degree, IT certification, and her own side business would appear to point her toward financial success. MORE +

Bree Adams Breaks Social Media Records For TDIndustries

Forget what you know about women in construction: Bree Adams’ story is changing everything. MORE +

How Tania Epps Is Taking Control With A Career In Construction

Joining a “male-dominated industry” might be challenging for some women, but for Tania Epps, it’s business as usual. MORE +

Cindy Silva Gets Ready To Dominate The Construction Industry With TD

“Somebody really cares enough to give me the chance to outshine the mentality that women don’t belong in this industry.” MORE +

How Meaghan Benoit Went From Barely Minimum Wage, To A Stable Career In Construction

“For the past year and a half, I’ve been kicked down, thinking ‘Am I going to be stuck in retail for the rest of my life because I’m female? Did I go to school for nothing? ... MORE +

Leslie Morgan Has Her Sight Set On Becoming A Leader At TD

Leslie Morgan knows physical fitness: she is a dance/fitness instructor and is training to become the next American Ninja Warrior! To be truly balanced, she knows you need both ... MORE +

All About Bree Adams

Breyen “Bree” Adams has a simple motto: Be better today than you were yesterday. MORE +