Mechanical Construction

TDIndustries is changing the face of the mechanical contracting industry through sustainable, state-of-the-art innovations that consistently produce outstanding results. You can count on TD to be your go-to partner for all your mechanical construction needs. True to being a leader in mechanical life-cycle solutions, we design and build with the commissioning in mind.

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Your Construction Partner

Get the level of construction expertise you and your facility deserve. TD is a collection of team players who are committed to not just delivering one project but to a lifetime of working together with our clients. We are equipped to handle any size project because we have unmatched, powerful resources – our people, processes, technology and manufacturing capabilities – everything you need to get the job done on schedule, within budget and safely.

Engineering & Constructability

We employ more engineers than most mechanical subcontractors, and that dedicated team of in-house engineers uses the latest technology to deliver target value design (TVD). We have constructability engineers—we think of them as the bridge between the designers (architect and engineers) and the builders (contractors) — who help control the schedule, reduce cost, add value to key components and improve constructability.

Virtual Design & Construction

The epitome of TD’s technological leadership is VDC tools like Building Information Modeling (BIM). With more than 50 VDC coordinators on staff, we can generate cutting-edge dynamic building models that enable us to identify critical components including clash detection and prefabrication. We take VDC a step further and not only utilize it for the basic competencies of visualization and issue detection but also put technology into the hands of the end users, our field Partners. We download our BIM drawings directly into our Trimble® Total Station system to facilitate with the layout of our work, as well as provide on-site run-through sessions for our installation crews.


Our construction team moves the labor off-site and out of the critical path thanks to our on-site manufacturing facility. This reduces cost and shortens schedules.

Using industry leading technology, TD has the ability to produce more than 10 million pounds of ductwork and sheet metal; 240,000 diameter inches of welds; and more than 2 million feet of fabricated piping annually. We own and operate an 85,000 square foot prefabrication shop in Dallas—one of the largest in the state of Texas! Additionally, we have a Clean 1000 cleanroom fabrication shop in Richardson, Texas, that produces stainless steel piping and high purity plastic assemblies. Our manufacturing process is guided by Lean principles to help eliminate unnecessary waste in processing, overproduction, transportation, wait times and defects. The result is better quality, better timing, at a better price.


We have developed software like Shop+Cast and Pro+Cast to give you economical pricing, manpower projections and estimating for your project. TD has mastered budget optimization while meeting materials and manpower requirements throughout the construction schedule.

Group 10New Construction

New construction requires teamwork for all parties involved, and we thrive in collaborative environments to provide value-added analysis, innovative solutions, added organization, smooth processes, Lean expertise and knowledge of large-scale mechanical and plumbing systems. We understand the importance of collaboration, early and often, to have your project stay within budget, adhere to the schedule and be constructed safely.

Group 11Renovation/Retrofit

As you expand and grow, TD is there with you to handle all your needs. Our expert team will give you a thorough, comprehensive evaluation of your current system and provide you with the most cost- and energy-efficient options for improvements – improvements you can rely on. TD can mobilize quickly and deliver reliable, fast-track/change-out solutions. Partners understand how to work safely in a compressed schedule, yet never take their eyes off the critical performance issues at hand. Our goal is to get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromising your building’s occupants or the structure itself.

Commissioning, Start-up, and Warranty
Commissioning, Start-up, and the Warranty phases have been one of our core competencies for decades, and they go hand-in-hand with being the best mechanical subcontractor in the Southwest. TD works with a building’s life-cycle in mind, and we like to say that all construction projects start with commissioning. Our customers benefit from our strong attention to detail from beginning to end.

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