TDIndustries Introduces BrightBlue™ Smart Buildings Solution

DALLAS, July 19, 2022 -- TDIndustries is pleased to introduce BrightBlue, an automated fault detection and diagnostics solution that optimizes commercial building systems' reliability and performance to conserve energy and resources, ensure consistent occupant comfort and extend equipment life.

"In recognizing our customers' growing demand for data-driven building operations solutions, we're adding smart building capabilities to our proven Building Automation and Controls, Service and Facilities and new construction offerings throughout the Southwest," says CEO Harold MacDowell.

BrightBlue gives building operations teams a way to:

Connect and collect data from a facility's central plant and HVAC systems, meters, sensors and the Building Automation System.

Model and simulate equipment operations. Real-time performance data is monitored through a customizable dashboard.

Analyze and diagnose continuously to optimize efficiencies and performance.

Prioritize and act to address comfort, energy usage and equipment reliability to best serve organizations' goals with data-driven decisions.

TDIndustries implements BrightBlue across industries, including for schools and universities, health care centers, data centers, office buildings and more. It's compatible with multiple software platforms and critical equipment systems and backed by TD's 75-plus years of engineering, construction, technology and building operations expertise.

For a higher education customer, BrightBlue detected 62 diagnostic faults in the first three months of implementation. With low or no-cost solutions, the system will save the organization an estimated $84,000 per year in energy costs, among other benefits.

"TD values its longstanding relationships with building owners and other customers, and the customizable BrightBlue smart buildings solution is a direct result of listening to and addressing our client's needs with innovative, data-driven solutions," MacDowell adds.

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