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AHU Refurbishment - Undisclosed Education Client

Services: Service & Maintenance
Industries: Education
Location: Greater Houston Area, TX

A school with multiple 20-year-old air handling units (AHUs) contacted TDIndustries for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services. The internal components of the units had significant microbial growth, areas of rust, deteriorating insulation, and dirt accumulation. Of primary concern were the areas of the condensate pan where rust had eaten through the bottom and condensation was leaking out of the unit. The first step was to thoroughly clean the interior components, including coils, blower motor, wheel, and housing. Any rust or particulates were vacuumed out, and all interior components were sanitized with an EPA-registered antimicrobial product. Insulations in the units were severely deteriorated and covered in microbial growth. The old insulation was removed and replaced with closed-cell insulation. After the condensate pan was cleaned, patch plates covered any holes or seams in the pan. A self-leveling, two-part epoxy product is then applied to the entire pan, including sides and coil support. By refurbishing existing equipment, the client saved thousands of dollars in parts and labor and minimized their system downtime.

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