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AT&T Stadium

Services: Construction
Industries: Entertainment
Locations: Arlington, TX

TD provided design-assist HVAC and plumbing services for the 2.8 million sf home of the Dallas Cowboys. This stadium is a multipurpose facility hosting football games, concerts, and other events. 

The scope of work included installation of plumbing, HVAC and hydronic systems in one of the largest domed sports arena in the world, accommodating up to 112,000 fans. The stadium includes a central plant providing 11,000-tons of cooling capacity, 60 miles of piping, 3.2 million pounds of sheet metal, 13,600 plumbing fixtures, and 2,600 food service equipment connections.

The bowl of the stadium is one of the world’s largest column-free interiors. TD created a custom bridge platform to install the ductwork in a safe, efficient manner.

TD was able to provide value and efficiency by prefabricating all of the ductwork and plumbing at our central manufacturing shop in Dallas.

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