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Bowen at Domain

Project Name: Bowen at Domain
Industry: Multifamily
Service: Construction

Home to the already bustling residential and retail destination called The Domain in Austin, Texas, the 19-story Bowen at Domain, located on the south side, will stand as the first residential high-rise in the area. 

The complex has been under development since 2019. Once completed, the space will include 340 sleek dwelling units, a centrally located pool and a virtual fitness trainer within the fitness center. 

For this project, TD Multifamily handled the entire HVAC scope, which included an LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system throughout the building, an outside air rooftop unit (RTU) for corridor fresh air and pressurization and all individual unit venting. Due to the high-rise nature of this complex, TD worked closely with Streetlights Residential on the stair pressurization system that ensures the future safety of all residents of Bowen at Domain. It is imperative for the exit stairs to be free of smoke in case of an emergency, and the incorporated design features will enhance the speed of occupant egress at this high-rise. At Bowen, there are two 65,000 CFM Loren Cook fans located on the roof with horizontal duct down into two separate stairwell chases. 

This project is TD’s first multifamily venture in Austin, which opens in late 2021 or early 2022. TD’s manufacturing shop provided prefabricated ductwork efforts for the project including: 

  • Vertical outside air duct from the RTU on the roof down a single shaft feeding outside air requirements to the corridors and public amenity spaces.
  • The horizontal metal duct for the fitness center and the lease lobby / amenity spaces.
  • Exposed spiral duct in the pool pavilion once built on ground level.
  • Horizontal duct on the roof from the stair pressurization fans to the stair shafts.
  • Vertical duct inside the stair shafts for the pressurization system.
  • Spiral duct for exhaust and venting from the pool maintenance room and office located in the parking garage.

Prefabrication pieces helped support an efficient timeline, accurate cost estimates and reduced on-site labor requirements at Bowen. 


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