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Dickies Arena

Services: Construction
Industries: Entertainment
Locations: Fort Worth, TX

Dickies Arena will host rodeos, stock shows, sporting contests, and other entertainment events in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. TD is more than halfway through construction of this arena, which is slated to open in late 2019.

TD provided plan-spec with a heavy assistance in preconstruction pricing. TD maximized its BIM usage and utilized prefabrication to reduce schedule, and leveraged its Lean practices to increase efficiency at the limited-laydown site.

TD is contributing to an estimated 41 miles of plumbing, 10 miles of HVAC work, and 14 miles of air duct in the 14,000-seat arena.

Primarily built for rodeos, Dickies provides 85,000 sf underground for warm-up. The equine preparation area will be viewable from the concourse, but inaccessible from outside the pavilion. Terrazzo flooring is currently being installed on concourse levels, which will be enjoyed by all visitors.

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