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McLane Stadium

Services: Construction

Industries: Sports

Locations: Waco, TX


Baylor University sought a new, on-campus facility on the banks of the Trinity River for its football team, and TD delivered. McLane Stadium has a total capacity of 45,000 seats including 39 suites and 74 semi-private loge box seats. The 860,000 sf stadium is not only a modern-day monument for the Bears’ football team, but also a monument to engineering and prefabrication innovation.

TD installed 11 air handling units (AHUs); 500,000 lbs of ductwork; 45,000 ft of HVAC pipe; 1,600 plumbing fixtures; and 192,000-ft of plumbing –all in the span of 18 months. TD utilized its in-house manufacturing facility to prefabricate more than 65 percent of its plumbing.

The general contractor accepted more than $900,000 worth of cost reduction through TD’s value analysis.

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