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Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Services: Construction
Industries: Healthcare
Locations: Mansfield, Tx

TD completed the mechanical/plumbing design-assist construction project for a four floor vertical bed tower/ICU expansion above a functioning emergency department, construction of a new pharmacy beneath the existing radiology department, an expansion of the Endo/PACU, an expansion of the functioning kitchen and several modifications to the existing central plant including the addition of a 850-ton chiller and associated cooling tower. The scope of work also includes the finish-out of two existing operating rooms and the addition of two shell operating rooms.

The primary challenge for the team was working in and around an occupied healthcare facility with patients who are sensitive to excessive noise and vibrations. The primary concern for the team was making sure no unnecessary shutdowns or disturbances occurred that would affect patient care or put lives at risk while still completing the construction scope. Because of this, TD completed more than 50 Method of Procedures (MOP) forms.

A MOP is a very detailed form explaining scope of work with time frames for each shutdown that the facility approved prior to work. Throughout the project there were no unnecessary/unplanned shutdowns and all planned shutdowns were performed with no disruption of critical services to patient care for the hospital and staff. 

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