At TDIndustries it’s safety first, safety always. Our Partners’ safety is essential to all we do. Little wonder why we maintain one of the best safety records in the industry. But our goal is to improve that number. After all, it is our obligation to make sure our folks go home safely to their families every day.

A Safety Culture that is Nationally Recognized

TD’s safety culture is recognized industry-wide and produces some of the lowest safety measurements in our field. Those achievements are supported by ongoing attention to training and safe behaviors every day.

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“Fiercely protect the safety of all partners” is one of the five core values.

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Behavior-Based Safety Culture

Our safety culture is an atmosphere of Partner empowerment; Partners are expected and empowered to stop unsafe working behaviors or correct unsafe environments immediately, regardless of rank. When that happens, we recognize and in many cases reward them for being champions of safety.

In addition to the National Construction Safety Excellence Award and the Texas Quality Award, TD has received the following honors:

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1st Place for the AGC/Willis Construction Safety Excellence Award (Specialty Division’s Over 1 Million Work Hour category) in 2014.

2015 ABC Accredited Quality Contractor

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What’s Your Safety Why?

  • What’s the reason why you refuse to compromise on safety?
  • Why do you choose to use safe-working behaviors?
  • Who or what is your motivation for going home safely every day?
  • We asked our Partners that critical question: What’s your safety why?

Safety affects everything and everybody. In 2015 we asked our TDPartners to share their “Safety Why”—the reason why they work safely on the job. #MySafetyWhy

Safety Moments

Man vs. Wild: Snakes on a Jobsite

As temperatures warm up in Texas and Arizona, our TDPartners must contend with a new type of hazard not normally present during the fall and winter months: snakes. Since April of this year, TDPartners have encountered snakes on their jobsites. No safety incident has occurred, but it’s a great reminder for everyone to remain cautious about the potential dangers snakes present.

Is It Time to Get a New Hard Hat?

The tough conditions of the field will affect your protective gear. And one of our most frequently asked questions from TDPartners is “when does my hard hat expire”?


AIM ZERO hotline

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If you would like to share your safety idea, report an unsafe working condition or action or provide information for a “Lessons Learned” opportunity, call the AIM ZERO 24/7 anonymous hotline: 1-855-246-9370 or 1-855-AIM-ZERO.

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