For a Safer, Smarter,
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Optimize your building’s performance with automation systems that increase tenant satisfaction and employee productivity while streamlining facility operations and reducing expenses.

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Building safety and security

Safety & Security

 Ensure the safety of occupants and the security of your building 24/7 with reliable access controls, video, fire protection, alarm management and more.

Facility monitoring and maintenance

Maintenance & Monitoring

Quickly adapt to the unique needs of your facility with monitoring to provide preventive and predictive maintenance as well as continuous commissioning.

Building HVAC and lighting

Energy & Comfort

Keep tenants comfortable while maximizing the efficiency of your building’s HVAC, lighting and mission-critical systems.







Full Systems Integration

Complex building controls require complex integration solutions. Our technicians understand the full life cycle regardless of the control system currently in place and can provide complete integration of the systems in your building.
  Tridium Niagara Web-Based Systems
  Integration & Migration Strategies for Legacy Systems
  Software Upgrades and Enhancements
  Turnkey Design-Build
  Better System Choices
  Support for Multiple Brands

Distech Controls


Tridium Niagara

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We have the expertise to engineer, install and service critical building control systems for your facility. We will meet and exceed specifications for your application including data centers, education, healthcare, critical environments, industrial, commercial offices and more.

Integrated building management systems

Elevate your building performance with

BrightBlue analytics

BrightBlue™ enables you to:

Connect & Collect data from your facility’s central plant, HVAC, plumbing and utility systems.

Model & Simulate equipment and system operations.

Analyze & Diagnose to optimize efficiencies and performance.

Prioritize & Act to best serve your company's operational goals with data-driven decisions.

The analytics platform optimizes your building systems’ reliability and performance to conserve energy and resources and ensure consistent occupant comfort.