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Building Automation & Controls Systems

What are the automation/control systems needs affecting your bottom line? You can trust us to deliver out-of-sight innovations that optimize your critical infrastructure systems and protect your facilities and building occupants.

Automation, Controls & Energy Management Systems

TD deeply understands how seamlessly, efficiently and optimally buildings operate when they have the right automation and control systems. And the truth is, these days you can’t afford not to have them.

Automation and control systems dramatically affect long-term planning and your bottom line. Plus they drive efficiencies that, in the end, pay for themselves and minimize the impact to the environment.

Our Building Automation Systems help you achieve:

  • Web-based Interface and Open Protocol Systems
  • Total integration of the systems in your building
  • Total Room Automation
  • Improved Energy Optimization
  • Better system choices
  • Real-time measurement and control
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased property value

From Critical Environments and Mission Critical Facilities to K-12 Schools, TDIndustries can install and service a building automation system that best fits your needs.

Owner/Operator Coaching

Through individualized owner / operator coaching, TD helps your building management system users be more productive and more knowledgeable. We assist your staff by reinforcing skills for them to complete daily system checks, resolution of system errors, and error detection. Should the need for more technical expertise arise, we are available for diagnostics and system troubleshooting 24/7.

Cyber Security


In this day and age, your business cannot afford to be vulnerable. Hackers can access your critical infrastructure and IT systems through your building management systems. Staying ahead of a hack requires a combination of regularly-scheduled inspections, testing, and software updating. In the event of a catastrophic system breach, TD responds quickly to restore your network security, reload your software from a secure backup, and bring your building – and business – back to a secure operation.

World Class Systems, Locally Available

Our technicians are top in their field. As one of just a handful of Siemens Engineering Design Centers in the nation, TD provides engineering services and support to other Siemens dealers across the Southwest. Our resources, capabilities, regional expertise and proficiency with Siemens products earned us this specialized certification.

Our Services Are More Than Integration

Complex building controls require more than just integration. Our technicians understand the full life-cycle of critical building systems and can provide advanced services support including:

  • Tridium Niagara Web-Based Systems
  • Integration & Migration Strategies for Legacy Systems
  • Technical Support Agreements
  • Software Upgrades and Enhancements
  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • Performance Assurance & Certification Services
  • Support for Multiple Brands
  • Cyber Security Inspections and Audits
  • Owner/Operator Coaching and Technical Support


Get modern facility maintenance reporting with TD Visual Intelligence.

One database. Evolving relevant content. Maximum transparency and trust. Learn the maintenance status of your facility through videos, photos, and documents stored in the cloud.

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Building Performance Management

TD provides advanced building operations services that help building owners and managers optimize the performance of their facilities including:

  • Building Analytics
  • Building Efficiency Reports
  • Remote Facility Alarm Monitoring Services
  • Demand Limiting Services
  • Continuous Energy Monitoring

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