Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary's Principal and TD Celebrate Diversity Month

TDIndustries celebrates the power of individual differences as a core value and strategic goal. Accordingly, TD’s employee-owners continually strive to create a culture of collaboration and inclusion and endeavor to learn from diverse perspectives.

TDIndustries’ founder, Jack Lowe Sr., was committed to pursuing fairness and inclusion and instrumental in helping to diversify the education system in North Texas. Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary School in Dallas is named for TDIndustries’ founder to recognize his instrumental work regarding school desegregation.

We interviewed Crystal Cavitt, principal of Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary, to learn more about how the school continues to honor Jack Lowe Sr.’s legacy by increasing achievement, promoting social and emotional well-being and grooming generations to lead with kindness and empathy. “We are a personalized learning community,” said Cavitt. “With that, we want our students, our leaders, our teachers and everyone, to be compassionate, innovative, divergent and positive thinkers. That is the vision for the campus.”


This school is home to students of many different national origins, some of whom left their previous homes under challenging circumstances. According to Cavitt, at Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary School, “We are creating a nurturing environment for many students who had to flee their countries.” Cavitt believes in always putting students first, modeling high expectations, making data-driven decisions and empowering students to become innovative citizens, all while developing nurturing relationships with both teachers and students. Her passion-driven goal is to help every student reach their highest potential.

When speaking about the impact of teachers, “I believe that everything has a foundation,” she says. “I tell my students that when they get older, one thing that they typically won’t forget are their elementary school teachers. They teach you to read, they teach you to write and they model success so you feel you can conquer the world. Elementary school lays the foundation, so that they can go on to be successful productive citizens.”

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