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    February 8, 2024

    TDIndustries Always On Call for Storage Unit Properties

    Climate control storage unit facilities ensure customers’ belongings remain in good condition, unaffected by humidity or extreme temperature variations. Customers pay a premium for those benefits, a key element of the business model for national storage company franchises.

    The HVAC service provider for storage unit facilities is a crucial partner. If equipment is malfunctioning often, or repairs take too long and affect climate control for an extended period, the facility could risk losing customers.

    TDIndustries, a leading HVAC service provider in the sweltering Southwest, makes sure that all its customers receive prompt, top-notch service of their HVAC systems.

    That includes a major national storage facility company’s 150+ Houston area locations. What started as a simple relationship with TD employee-owners running service calls and ordering equipment for the company has turned into TDIndustries being the preferred vendor for all locations in the Houston area.

    Quick Response

    TDIndustries was chosen as preferred vendor because of its commitment to quick response to any of the customer’s locations. When the company’s split and packaged systems break, timely repairs to maintain optimal conditions is critical to its climate-controlled business.  And TDIndustries remains ready to respond for its storage unit partners that need service at a moment’s notice.

    “No matter the volume or urgency, TD has always delivered,” the storage facility’s director of operations said.

    The storage company stays in touch with TD’s on-call technicians 24/7 through an online portal, where building managers and TD communicate daily regarding new work orders and updates to ongoing work or equipment replacements.

    Quality Matters

    Quick, attentive service is key, but if the work is subpar, it doesn’t matter. That’s where TD’s decades of experience prove extra valuable.

    “Our department does not have the luxury or patience to work with underperforming vendors,” the director of operations said. “TD is an integral part of our success.”

    TDIndustries has been servicing HVAC systems for more than 75 years and continues to leverage its expertise to provide the best service to every customer.

    Above and Beyond

    In addition to providing service for the split and packaged systems at the Houston locations for the storage unit facility customer, TDIndustries has been asked to provide more support. The company has its roots in design-build construction, so the storage unit facility customer asked TDindustries to provide design-build services for new locations, as well as retrofitting support on current locations to help improve the company’s green footprint, including moving to VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems.

    This storage unit facility customer is able to maintain its high standards of temperature and humidity at all its facilities and sustain its excellent reputation of keeping customers’ belongings safe, secure and in the same condition it arrived due to its partnership with TD HVAC services.

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