When and How to Change Out Your Small HVAC Units

Small HVAC unit changeouts can be stressful because you never really know when they’re coming. Without proper planning, they can break your budget and put your building out of commission for longer than you want.

The most common situations that require a small HVAC unit changeout include:

  • The end of the old unit’s life
  • Catastrophic failure
  • A situation where the cost to repair and maintain is greater than the cost to replace

But with the cost of goods and services climbing at higher-than-normal paces, replacing your old or worn-out units now may be a good idea. New units provide increased efficiency, new warranties, increased functionality and decreased energy consumption.

How to change out your units

If this type of changeout were to disrupt your building’s occupants for more than a few days, it may not be worth it. However, TDIndustries service teams can replace multiple rooftop HVAC units in a single day, with possible follow-up trips to install accessories and other non-critical components. And this can all be done with only minor, tolerable disruptions to the climate control in your building. In some instances, the most disruptive portion of the changeout is the crane being set up in the parking lot!

For bigger jobs, or for buildings that need to always keep precise temperatures (such as bakeries, server rooms, etc.), TD also offers temporary cooling options to ensure those specifications are met.

How to budget

Budgeting is a key aspect of small HVAC unit changeouts, since they’re large capital investments. But you can’t really be certain when the changeout will be needed, so it’s hard to budget for.

That’s why advanced planning is so important with systems like this. We can help so you won’t be caught with a big budget overage if your system reaches the end of its useful life.

For our active service customers, we provide budgetary pricing for future capital expenses. Our team will come out to your building(s), survey the equipment and provide replacement estimates for your convenience. 

Call 1-800-864-7717 or fill out our form to get started.

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