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    November 29, 2023

    What Is a Backflow Inspection and Who Can Perform It?

    Did you know that commercial properties are particularly susceptible to causing water pollution simply due to the number of cross-connections in their plumbing systems? A cross-connection is where backflow can happen. It occurs anywhere a potable water supply meets a non-potable supply, including in irrigation, boilers, processing lines, fire suppression systems and more.

    All water systems have different pipes that bring clean water in and carry waste out. When pressure levels are altered, whether because of pump failures, damage to water supply lines, or something else, it can cause a change in the normal flow of water, which can lead to contamination.  

    That’s why backflow prevention is the law in many states, including Texas and Arizona. In Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires all commercial property owners to conduct annual testing on their backflow assemblies. In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is the agency that requires annual testing. These tests must be completed in Texas by licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers (BPATs) who are trained to ensure your commercial property is up to code. In Arizona, the tester must be certified by an organization recognized by the ADEQ. TDIndustries’ plumbing technicians all qualify to handle testing, repairs and replacements.

    The testing process is simple in most cases for supply lines up to two inches. Though the test can be completed within an hour, the full process can take a few hours to complete. Needed repairs must be made efficiently to prevent the water supplier from shutting down your supply.

    A licensed tester connects testing equipment to your assembly and records its performance at specified pressures. Those results are then sent to your state and local regulators, proving you comply with the law.

    If your building is not in compliance, TDIndustries stands apart by offering immediate service for any failing system to bring it up to the standard of the law.

    In Texas, to get a BPAT license, a technician must first attend a 40-hour training course, coupled with two years of relevant work history. Then, they must pass a written and practical skills exam. BPATs must also complete continuing education courses every three years to renew their licensing. You can trust that TDIndustries will always have a licensed tester ready to perform a backflow inspection for your property.

    TDIndustries has provided commercial plumbing services since 1964, and we understand the state and local backflow prevention regulations. Our highly experienced and licensed testers can perform the required testing of your backflow prevention systems and file all the necessary paperwork and set up reminders to keep you in compliance with the law.

    To schedule your next backflow prevention test, contact us at 1-800-864-7717 or submit a request.

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