A History of Success with Multi-family Housing

TDIndustries shifted the Texas multi-family construction paradigm in 1968 by installing the first unitary air conditioning units instead of central plants. Since entering the multi-family market in the early 1960s, TDIndustries has been a leader in the industry and has an impressive portfolio of varied projects across the country, including high-rise and luxury construction.

Multifamily Housing Construction, HVAC & Plumbing Installation - TDIndustries

A Seamless Partnership

For more than 50 years, TD has built solid relationships with customers and developers to construct stunning multi-family projects. Partnership and trust are why we have been a specialty contractor of choice for modern multi-family dwellings. From Texas to Colorado, our projects are shaping skylines.

Fast-Track Construction
Lean practices and our prefabrication capabilities help meet the most demanding schedules. They are cost-effective, safe processes when working around high-rise buildings, in congested urban areas or near occupied dwellings. From mechanical and HVAC to plumbing assemblies, TD does it all.

Planned Maintainence for Multi-family Living
From an air-conditioning system failure in the middle of summer to regularly scheduled hydro-jetting of plumbing drains, our Service/Maintenance program is here for your needs. Our around-the-clock emergency or regular service ensures that your residents are safe and comfortable, with minimal downtime. We assign well-trained, licensed technicians to your particular facility and offer the option of planned account management to assist in budgeting, required inspections and equipment management. Give us a call and ask how we can help your HVAC, plumbing, indoor air quality, refrigeration, and fire/life safety systems: 1-800-864-7717.