Safety on Wheels – TDIndustries’ Mobile Medics Deliver Job Site Health Support

One of TD’s recent expanded safety objectives includes a partnership with Medcor Onsite Health Services in Texas. Medcor, a third-party safety services provider and wellness advocate, offers full-time mobile medics to TD in north and central Texas.

"TD has taken a giant leap forward in caring for its Partners by providing mobile medics. This isn’t something that most businesses do. Partners routinely express their gratitude for having an available resource that can provide medical care (both reactionary and preventative), give medical advice, and help them navigate the healthcare scene. Providing these services keeps the care convenient and personal. Utilizing bilingual mobile medics helps to connect across cultures and eliminate language gaps. As a paramedic, it’s nice to be a part of a team that is proactive towards the betterment of their Partners." - Ralston Dorn, TD Mobile Medic Technician

Medcor mobile medic benefits include:

    • COVID-19 testing, on-site rapid and PCR
    • First aid, advanced first aid and basic life support
    • Wellness checks including blood sugar, blood pressure and vital signs
    • Mental health services and recommendations
    • CPR training
    • Respirator fit testing
    • Safety meeting updates and best-practice tips in English and Spanish
    • Post-incident reviews
    • Job placement and random drug screens
    • Hepatitis B, flu and tetanus vaccinations
    • Epinephrine services
    • Safety job walks to help identify Partners under heat duress

The two mobile medics have been critical in supporting all Partners. With TD’s "Zero Harm" safety goal for all, this partnership with Medcor will only continue to grow as TD looks to expand the service to additional regions.

"Every week brings new encounters with TD Partners. Mostly, I meet Partners who are not having a really good day; they may be sore, sick, or experiencing Covid-19 related situations. Every week I will have a Partner state how fortunate they are, that they work for a company that cares enough to provide medical services. Personally, it’s very refreshing to be part of an organization that actively engages its teams and demonstrates true care and concern for well-being."  - Michael Dockens, TD Mobile Medic Technician

TD is committed to fiercely protecting the safety of all Partners and Customers. See what steps TD is taking to protect individuals and their business at

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